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Support Pokémon USA.
At the SONVA thread at Serebii.net, mogoldmember posted this idea on how fans can give suggestions to Pokémon USA.

I also want to bring something up since I know SOVA is doing it. If you have concerns or suggestions about how to improve the Dub such as improving the quality of the new voices, cutting down on puns, keeping more original background music, or providing us with the widescreen option on the 9th movie DVD (Hint: Hint), you can call PUSA at 646-497-0400 Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern time. But if you choose to do so, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be honest, but show your support for the franchise. Don't tell them things like like you're not buying the 9th movie DVD or your not watching the series. If you're not buying their franchise, they will be less likely to take your concerns into consideration.

2. Speak only for yourself. The views you express only reflect your own. They do not reflect the views of the entire Pokemon fandom, the online community, a group of people (SONVA for example), or even your friends. Even if you know people who share your viewpoint, you're the only one speaking.

3. Do not give them a lecture about how to maximize their profits or other business related issues. Even if you have a business degree, they do not want to hear of it. The representative will likely move on to the next caller long before you finish what you have to say.

4. Make sure the request you make is servicable. Do not ask them to 'bring back Misty' for example. It simply is not going to happen and they won't/can't do anything about it.

5. Be direct and to the point. Just say exactly what's on your mind and do not ramble on and on. There are other people waiting on the lines and these representatives are not going to wait for 15 minutes for you to get your point across.

6. Only ask for one thing when you call (you can try for two but that might really be pushing it). If you make four or five requests, they won't have time to process everything and like I said in Tip #5, there are other people waiting on the lines.

7. After you've made your call, wait at least 30 days before you call again. This is usually an official rule with radio call-ins, but it works here as well. Once you've had your say, give other a chance to speak for a while before you call in again. If you make relentless calls requesting the same thing or asking for different things, they're less likely to take you seriously, even if you speak to different reps each time.

That's all I can think of right now. If anyone has any other tips, feel free to bring them up.

I'd like to add to this that fans that just want to give PUSA a pat on the back, should do this too. It's importent for all of us to contact them and show that fans are interested in the show, and offer suggestions.

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The effort to support Pokémon has a website now. 

It is located at www.freewebs.com/sonva 

This site will provide all information for ways that fans can show their support of the dub.

In other news, there are only TWO episodes of Battle Frontier left, and they are among some of the best. (Ash's voice is better than ever now!)
Be sure to tune in and see the awesome ending.

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Here is a list of which actors did most of the roles in the episodes of Season 9 that have aired so far.

Sweet Baby James
Nanny: Sondra James
Pop-Pop: Rodger Parsons (aka Ken Gates, the narrator)

A Chip Off the Old Brock
Old Woman: Kayzie Rogers
Boy: Billy Regan
Girl: Ellen Shanman

Wheel of Frontier
Greta: Sonny Dey

May's Egg-cellent Adventure
Dad: Robert O'Gorman
Mom: Emlyn Morinelli OR Hillary Thomas
Girl: Emlyn Morinelli OR Hillary Thomas

Weekend Warrior
Salaryman: Craig Blair
Mom: Ellen Shanman

On Olden Pond
Executive: Ken Gates
Old woman: Kayzie Rogers
Girl: Annie Silver

Tactics Theatrics
Reporter: Tracy Friedman
Tucker, Scott: Bill Rogers
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I'm sure everyone is familar with the one minor error in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon special. The scene where Gengar is sending Ekans to swallow all of the berries from Team Go-Getters, and he says "Go Arbok". Well, PUSA has gone back and corrected the error in the scene. Thats right, PUSA listened to the fans pointing out this one error, and they fixed the error. They have also fixed the old 4Kids Advance Battle titles that had spelling errors, like "Hooked on Oynx" and "Choose it or loose it". This kind of responding to fans was unheard of when 4Kids had control of the dub. 4Kids never fixed any of their mistakes, no matter how the fans asked. PUSA deserves a thanks from us for listening to and correcting mistakes.

Speaking of contact, I cannot stress this enough, fans must send emails and or letters to Pokémon USA, with clear and polite suggestions about using all of the original background music. Remember, if we do not show them clear, supportive and logical fan input, and requests (And always let them know when they've done a good job) they will not know what we want. The Pokémon anime dub is now finally in the hands of a company that actually cares about the fans. It is up to us to make our voices heard, and support the show we all know and love.

Write to feedback@pokemon.com with your words of good will, suggestions and advice.
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Quote from Brock's VA. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=4322835&postcount=1032

This is a really good question considering that I've worked on Pokemon and Comic Party.

Lots of times when the Japanese character says something in English, it's not as amusing when the English VA does the same thing. For Comic Party, Taishi still calls Kazuki "my brother", but it's just not as funny as hearing a Japanese person say that within his normal Japanese speech. The idea was tossed around to have him say "my brother" in Spanish or French, but finally it was decided to leave the English intact. It's still a fun catch phrase and Liam O'Brien really pulled it off with great results.

As for Harley, I'm not sure what happened with his phrases as I didn't get the chance to hear much of his performance. However, for all those who are concerned about Harley I will let you know that the actor that was brought in for him is terrific and very experienced. He has done a wonderful job at keeping Harley's snobby, catty attitude alive and I'm sure when the episode airs, I'm sure you will all be pleased.

This news is most assuring, it seems that Harley's voice may well be in good hands.
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From Toonzone:

AG 157 "Usohachi and the Ninja School!!"
From Cradle to Save!

AG 158 "A Time Traveling Haruka!!"
Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!

AG 159 "Fierce Fighting in the Battle Tube! (Satoshi) vs. The Tube Queen Azami!!"
Queen of the Serpentine!

AG 160 "Who is the Victor!? Pokemon Orienteering!"
Off the Unbeaten Path!

In addition, CN is playing only one new episode per week beginning on October 14th.
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Over the weekend the first two episodes of Battle Frontier aired. And the voices had improved very much, as we had been told. Also there were no digital paint edits, and the script was much better written. Alot of the backround music was replaced, but the music was more fitting. (And played on actual instruments) And these first 5 or so episodes were dubbed before the fan input at the Sandiego ComicCon. So it a few weeks we shall see if more of the original BGM makes it's way into the show. And if not, perhaps contacting them and politely suggesting they use more of the original music will change that.

All in all, this dub will be much improved over the previous dub. 
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And now, to those that claim voices never change and the 4Kids VA's are the best. We shall look back on the first episodes and see that contrary to what is being said, voices do improve. And the new cast is not as diffrent as some would have you believe.

First episode.

Second episode. (Note, that Meowth and James are not even the voiced by Stuart and Blaustein)

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Here is an example of an actual Non-competition clause from a 4Kids employment contract.


Non-Competition and Protection of Confidential Information.

(a) Employee agrees that his position with Employer places him in a position of confidence and trust with the clients and employees of Employer. Employee acknowledges that inasmuch as the business of Employer is carried on in several states of the United States and that it is the intention of Employer to continue to expand the geographic area in which Employer engages in its business and marketing efforts and accordingly, it is reasonable that the restrictive covenants set forth below are not limited by specific geographic area but by the location of Employer’s clients and potential clients. Employee further acknowledges that the rendering of services to the clients of Employer necessarily requires the disclosure to Employee of confidential information and trade secrets of Employer and its clients (such as without limitation, marketing and licensing plans and business strategies). Employee consequently agrees that it is reasonable and necessary for the protection of the goodwill and business of Employer that Employee make the covenants contained herein.

Accordingly, Employee agrees that while he is in Employer’s employ and for a period of two (2) years thereafter, Employee shall not directly or indirectly:

(i) attempt in any manner to solicit from any client (except on behalf of Employer) business of the type performed by Employer or to persuade any client of Employer to cease to do business or to reduce the amount of business which any such client has customarily done or contemplates doing with Employer, whether or not the relationship between Employer and such client was originally established in whole or in part through Employee’s efforts;


(ii) employ or attempt to employ or assist anyone else to employ any person who is then or at any time during the preceding year was in Employer’s employ:,

(iii) render any services of the type rendered by Employer to its clients to or for any client of Employer unless such services are rendered as an employee or consultant of Employer.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the term “Employer,” as used in this Paragraph 7, shall mean Employer and affiliates. The term “client” shall mean (i) anyone who was then a client of Employer; (ii) anyone who was a client of Employer at any time during the one (1) year period immediately preceding the date of termination of employment; and (iii) any prospective client to whom Employer has made a formal presentation (i.e., the actual presentation of a marketing plan, licensing strategy and/or media plan) within a one (1) year period immediately preceding the date of such termination.

(b) Employee also agrees that either during the Term or at any other time thereafter, Employee shall not divulge to anyone (other than Employer or any persons designated by Employer) any confidential information relating to the business of Employer or its clients including, without limitation, all types of trade secrets, business strategies or marketing, licensing, advertising and/or promotional plans. Employee further agrees not to disclose, publish or make use of any such knowledge or information of a confidential nature other than in the performance of Employee’s duties hereunder without the prior written consent of Employer. For purposes of this Paragraph, the term “confidential information” shall not include information which becomes public knowledge other than through a breach of this covenant by Employee or any confidential information that Employee is required to disclose in any judicial or administrative proceeding pursuant to any subpoena or court order.

(c) If Employee commits a breach or is about to commit a breach of any of the provisions of Paragraph 7(a)and/or (b) above, Employer shall have the right to have the provisions of this Agreement specifically enforced by any court having equity jurisdiction without being required to post bond or other security and without having to prove the inadequacy of the available remedies at law, it being acknowledged and agreed that any such breach will cause irreparable injury to Employer and that money damages will not provide an adequate remedy to Employer. In addition, Employer may take all such other actions and remedies available to it under law or in equity and shall be entitled to such damages as it can show it has sustained by reason of such breach. 

This is also confirmed by the VA's of other characters, that are not wrapped up in the 4Kids politics, such as the actress that played the role of Officer Jenny.

Jamie Davyous Owens, in an email to a fan.

What Pokemon USA, the US division of Pokemon, has done for the last 8 years is to license the production of Pokemon to 4Kids. The license was up for renewal at the beginning of the year and 4Kids lost it. I don’t really understand why, and neither did my director. Pokemon USA has decided to take over all aspects of producing Pokemon. 4Kids contracts the buy out agreement for our voices, that I explained to you earlier, so that we cannot do the characters’ voices for anyone else for up to two years from contract. So that means that none of the voices of Pokemon as you know them now, are legally allowed in Season 9. It will be recast. 

And to clarify what I said about the contracts because it is all a little confusing and I don’t think I explained it very well:

I am contracted to do my Pokemon voices only for 4 Kids. I can work for other people, I just can’t say “Oh, here’s my Officer Jenny voice”- in other words, I’m contracted so I can’t play Officer Jenny for anyone else for at least the next three years. This is because my contract expires (assuming I don’t sign next year) in one year, and the contract states I can’t play Officer Jenny for anyone else without 4Kids permission for at least 2 years from contract expiration. So let’s say I lived next door to you and you asked me to go to your birthday party and play Officer Jenny. I wouldn’t technically be allowed to… at least I couldn’t walk around and say, “Hey, listen to me play my Officer Jenny voice”. That’s how I understand the contract.

And The voice of Rico/Attila

Marc Thompson's response to the contract question.

No unfortunately not......I think for 2--5 years they own my voice for that character
Marc Thompson.
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Another thing that SOVA and the like have been doing is mis-informing fans, by pointing them to clips of the voices from "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" This special was aired on TV on Saturday, April 29th 2006. The entire special was dubbed in A mere three weeks, which is why the voices where so 'bad' as so many have called them. The actors had no time to practice their roles and get into character. Think back to the first episode of Pokémon, the 4Kids VA's were just like the Mastermind voices, just starting out and not used to their roles yet.

The special has since been re-dubbed this new version will be included in the "Lucario and the msytery of Mew" DVD that is set to release on September 19th.The actor that played Ash in the "Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" has been replaced with a new voice, also all of the other actors have gotten used to their characters and sound much better than they used to. (Very close to the originals)

Now ponder this for a moment, if Pokémon USA was greedy, and only cared about making money, as the 4Kid's VA's have accused, then why would they listen to the fan reaction after Mastermind, and redub the special?
Has 4Kids ever re-dubbed anything for us? No. The fans had an uproar over the way they dubbed the Raikou Special, did 4Kids listen to us and redub the special? No. 4Kids just decided that it would never see the light of day in the US.

Now, here are two links so everyone can see the difference between the voices.

Here is a clip of the OLD Mastermind dub

This is the audio from the NEW Mastermind dub.

As you can see, the voices have improved greatly, and they will be even better when the first episodes air on September 8th, at 8pm EST and September 9th, at 9 and 9:30am EST on the Cartoon Network.
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