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Latest news - Support Pokémon USA.
Latest news
Don't forget to watch Cartoon Network on Friday, February, 1st at 8:pm EST to catch all three Tag Battle episodes! Encore airs Saturday starting at 9:30am EST

The episode "Dawn's Early Night" kept the entire soundtrack from the original Japanese version except for one piece of music that played when Kricketune was introduced. This piece was replaced by filler music, and the pokedex theme. Yes, that's right. We had an entire episodes soundtrack essentially untouched! We applaud Pokémon USA for their outstanding work in this episode, and encourage others fans who appreciate the Japanese sountrack to do the same.

In other news, Darkrai.com has gone live, revealing that Alice, Baron Alberto, and the city of Alamos will be keeping their original names.
A trailer for the movie will air during Friday's tag battle special.
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