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Oh boy... - Support Pokémon USA.
Oh boy...

There has been a situation over the last two days. It seems some members of SOVA called up TAJ productions and started to complain as per usual, and as the people from TAJ tried to explain the situation the whole thing degraded into a shouting match.
SOVA has decided to twist the situation and use it to smear TAJ's reputation.

And once again TAJ brought these truth's to light.

They tried to get the old VAs

4Kids has a contract clause with the actors

The clause could be broken (TAJ even offered to pay the legal fees for the old actors to fight 4Kids clause)

The old actors turned down the offer, because they wanted to stay at 4Kids.

And now the old actors are using SOVA (which is made up of fangirls, who worship the VAs and do anything they say) to attack the show in hopes of getting it cancelled to prove that only they and 4Kids should ever have the show.

I strongly encourage everyone to keep watching Pokemon when it airs, and send letters and emails of support to the people that are working so hard to make the show great, even with SOVA and the old actors attacking them all the time.

Pokemon USA

Pokémon USA
ATTEN: Public Relations
1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

1-646-497-0400 (Main office)
1-917-369-2028 (Amy Wexler)

TAJ Productions


28 W. 27th St. Suite 906
New York, NY 10001



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