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Latest Pokemon News - Support Pokémon USA.
Latest Pokemon News
Well. As we all know, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games made thier debute on April 22nd, and have been selling like hotcakes ever since. Also we got our first taste of the Diamond and Pearl anime, which was great to say the least. Now we stand at the end of May, with June, and the premiere of the diamond and pearl anime a few days away.

There has been alot of confusion over who is doing the voices of Dawn and Paul, this should all be cleared up in a few days with the premiere.
We are also seeing a winding down of some of the most extreme cases of senseless VA-bashing. (Though, some amounts still remain)

Over this weekend, we will see a 33-hour marathon of episodes from all 9 seasons of Pokemon. And on Monday at 7:30pm EDT Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl will premiere, starting with the first three episodes from the sneak peek on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And continuing on from there with all new episodes.

This will be the first time new U.S. episodes of Pokemon will air prime-time as they do in Japan. (Second if you count that week in December)
the summer should be quite exciting for the Pokemon fandom. And with the anime as close to perfect as it has ever been, we need to take advantage of PUI's willingness to listen to fans on issues like keeping most of the Japanese soundtrack, and keeping Team Rocket's script a little closer to the original.

Other then that, I wish all Pokemon fans everywhere a wonderful summer of enjoying the magic and mysteries of Pokemon.

P.S. Here's a cool SONVA-support Music Video.
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